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Part # CPC
Tubing Cutter Cuts tubing 3/16" to 1-1/8" O.D. For cutting copper, brass and aluminum.
Price: $14.70
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Crown of Thorns is crafted in the USA as a reminder of the sufferings of Christ to put away sin. Use as a centerpiece, a wall decoration or place atop a ...
Price: $10.00
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Creosote Remover
Creosote Remover
Cresote Remover Spray
Price: $11.51
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Part # CTC
Carolina Toilet Cleaner Clean the toilet with ease, it has a special formulation of penetrants and surfactants designed to remove scale,body grease, ...
Price: $5.05
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Part # DB00810W4
Rain Guage 5" capacity Bracket can be used with nails or screws (not included) to  hold gauge securely
Price: $2.39
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Part # DB06BJ
Gilmour Solid Brass Water Jet Nozzle Solid Brass Water Jet Sprays a concentrated jet stream. Ideal for cleaning driveways and walkways. Attaches t...
Price: $5.54
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Wood Handle Scraper This 10 inch wide scraper is made of the same material as the 70SC.  It can be used to clean sidewalks, shop and barn floors...
Price: $33.35
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Part # DB1101PCAM
Pink Stun Gun & Flashlight MADE FROM AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM ALLOY. 200 LUMENS LIGHT OUTPUT. 12 Million Volt Stun Gun Built on the End. 3-POSITI...
Price: $18.99
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Part # DB110S
Prohoe Scuffle Hoes This 11 inch wide scuffle hoe is for rapid weeding in sandy or fertile soil.  
Price: $36.54
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Part # DB115FR
Fire Rake This Heavy Duty Rake has a 11.5" wide head and is used by fire fighters to remove loose fuel from the fire line.  It's g...
Price: $61.28
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