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Taylor 750 Service Kit

Taylor Waterstove and Legend Outdoor Furnace Water Treatment Service Kit 3

Control 800 coats the inside of your system protecting it against rust, scale, corrosion and lime build up extending the life of your system.

 Reduces the free radical oxygen in the water also helping to stop rust.

This Wood Boiler Treatment is specifically designed for outdoor & indoor wood water furnaces and boilers with mild or stainless steel construction.

Control 800 is a nitrate base environmentally friendly boiler treatment.

One quart treats 200 gallons of water.

The Magnesium Anode Rod has 3/4 inch male threads and is 48 inches long it works in all boilers and furnaces that require an anode rod, it can be cut to any shorter length.

This includes one anode rod and three quarts of control 800. This will treat up to 600 gallons of water.

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